New direction

Hello guys. It has been a long time since my last post. Well the problem is that I have been working hard and my status is- always tired. Well I suppose this is what adult life looks like. Once again I am sorry my dear readers.

After some thinking I decided that it is time to resurrect my blog. I have a new idea and need some advice or just a feedback from you my dear readers. I am currently working two jobs and one of them is at hostel reception. In this past 4 month working there I have collected many good stories from travelers around the world. Also a lot of guests at hostel have a similar traveling problems and questions. So my idea is to do one post a week that is related to some specific question that travelers battle with, to write some advice and to write what to do and see in my city- Zagreb. One post a week will be about most significant history event of that week, something similar to winner of the week :).

Beautiful Zagreb

I really love history but is just to hard to do that format at the moment, and I think that subject of traveling and hostels is important to many of you travelers out there. And my receptionist chronicle will be pretty interesting :). So guys leave me your opinion about my idea of new direction of this blog. Thank you.

Have a great 10.11.2014



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