God of Rap

Hello my dear readers. This post will be tribute to one of my favorite singers and artists in general. I am writing about Tupac Amaru Shakur. You are probably wondering how come that one boring history freak likes Tupac but it is true. Beside reading tons of books and learning a lot of “boring ” informations I am regular guy who likes music :). My favorite genres are rock, old heavy metal and hip hop-rap, weird combination I know heh.

So enough about me and lets get started with the topic of the post. Reason why I am writing this is because yesterday was the anniversary of Tupac´s death. He was shot in car when he was leaving from a boxing match in Las Vegas on 07.09.1996. He died six days later in the hospital.

Well I am not writing this text to praise the lifestyle of Tupac, today known as “gangsta” because that is wrong and young kids should not idolize that. For me he is a great writer of lyrics and his songs are by far, of course that is just my opinion, the best rap songs ever written. For example listen to one that is my favorite, it is called “Lord knows” and it is basically what Tupac was.

Also he is important as a speaker to young Afro-American males to be aware of them as equal. It sounds a bit strange that Tupac who lived as “gangsta” talked against that style of living. He is also a tragic figure because his murder triggered wave of violence between east and west coast and eventually another great rapper Christopher George Latore Wallace known as The Notorious B.I.G. got killed.

So my message with this text is- music is music and there is no excuse to kill in the name of music, I mean you can´t kill in the name of nothing and especially music. Respect each other and diversity because that is the beauty of world.

And I will end this with one great thought of Tupac that should be a warning for today´s rap artists:

“If we’re all saying that rap is an art form then we gotta be more responsible for our lyrics. If you see everybody dying because of what you’re saying, it don’t matter that you didn’t make them die, it just matters that you didn’t save them.”

Feel free to write whats on your mind

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