Historia est magistra vitae

As I said when this text was reblogged first time, this will be signature post for my blog. The idea was to reblog it once a day so that readers can see why I write this blog. Well the problem is I do not know how to reblog it again. So if you know the solution please help, I am new at this 🙂

So guys this is my first, and probably last, non related-with specific history event text. The reason why am I writing this is because I realized that my blog is the place to share my thoughts and some internal questions. This text I will not put on any social network just here.


I often get in conversation with people of different background, level of education, financial background etc. And most of the time I get the same question why do you love history? It is boring and non useful. So this text will be answer to all of them, sorry that you have to read it if you stumble upon it.

Well how to even start with describing why is knowledge of history important and definitely not boring. First I will start with title of text. That is an Latin proverb that means history is the teacher of life. And for me that is the essence.

On my first year of college I listen to a subject called History of world 20. century. The professor  was amazing but one thing carve in my mind. She said History always repeat it self. Than she described how Hitler gain power and why World War II happened and all was so simple. She predicted a rise of right wing extremist in Europe because of financial crises, and now look last elections for European Parliament. So she was a History professor that knew more about politics than my Political Theory or Political Sociology professors. That was the time when I started really explore history books especially Europe in the beginning of 20. century and WW2. Eventually I become known amongst colleagues and friends as WW2 expert, or freak as you wish 🙂. So this part of the text is here to show you that history is sort of our map for the future because in history we have everything that is happening now only with different technology. This is why it is real science on my opinion, because it has it own laws that are actually unbreakable, I know that  math or physics expert will laugh at that but I am always open for discussion with arguments 🙂.

Second beautiful thing about history is that you actually can be part of it or just be there. I will describe this. Not long ago I was in Poland in Krakow. There I visited Oscar Schindlers factory that is a museum today. I went into his office walked on the same wooden floor as he did, touch history I mean this is the place where history was made and without this place who knows. Also I visited Auschwitz and that was very hard to coupe with but I think that is absolutely necessary to go there and learn from history, so that we can prevent it in future.

Just imagine the feeling when you are standing in the same castle as generations and generations of kings, and where your countryman stood and fought. I mean without them there wouldn’t be us.

I am very sad when I see people of my age and younger, well actually all ages, knows everything about some celebrity reality star, but dont know who was Tesla, or Magellan. I just cannot understand that, how can reading about person who takes naked picture of herself, or something like that, be more interesting than  reading about heroes and their efforts to fight and die for country family or freedom? Or about great groundbreaking scientific inventions that helped make our life better?

I wrote a lot in this text, but feel much better now 🙂. Paper or in this case screen can take it.

If you have your own opinion or you think  that this text, an Ode to history, sucks, write it I am always open for civilized battle with facts and opinions 🙂.


Have a great 19.07.2014.


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