08.07- Women power.

Hello to all of you. First many thank for you all for reading my texts.

I am having some internet difficulties, so probably there will be no posts for day or two. I apologize to you becuse idea of my blog is to post one or two posts every day, that is the subject of my blog.

So lets get started with todays text. It is about women

s rights and their struggle to be recognized as equal to men. On this date in  1948 the United States Air Force accepts its first female recruits into a program called Women in the Air Force (WAF).

Women in the Air Force (WAF) was a program which served to bring women into limited roles in the United States Air Force. WAF was formed in 1948 when President Truman signed the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act, allowing women to serve directly in the military. The WAF program ended in 1976 when women were accepted into the USAF on an equal basis with men.

At its inception in 1948, WAF was limited to 4,000 enlisted women and 300 female officers. Women were encouraged to fill many different roles but were not to be trained as pilots, even though the United States Army Air Corps had graduated their first class of female pilots in April 1943 under wartime conditions. The WAF directorship was to be filled by a non-pilot. All WAFs were assigned ground duties, most ending up medical position.

In 1976, women were accepted into the military on much the same basis as men; the separate status of WAF was abolished. That same year, the United States Air Force Academy began accepting females.

Althogh these act gave women some chances to became closer to men status there were still long road to go. Even today in some areas men are privileged and more paid.

What do you think are women and men equall today?

I will end this text with some little known fact. although Switzerland is developed western country  women’s right to vote is accepted in 1971.

Have a great 08.07.2014.





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