Let there be Rock music-05.07.1954.

05.July 1954 was the date that changed music history, Rock was born.

 “That’s All Right” is the name of the first commercial single released by Elvis Presley, written and originally performed by blues singer Arthur Crudup.

Presley’s version was recorded on July 5, 1954, and released on July 19, 1954 with “Blue Moon of Kentucky” as the B-side. It is #113 on the 2010 Rolling Stone magazine list of the “500 Greatest Songs of All Time”.

Elvis was a 19-year-old truck driver when he came to Sun Records in Memphis to record a song as a gift for his mother. Sun was owned by Sam Phillips, who his assistant, Marion Keiser, knew was looking for a “white man who sounds like a black man.” She alerted her boss to Elvis, and Phillips arranged some sessions with some local session players: bassist Bill Black and guitarist Scotty Moore.

On June 7, 1954 WHBQ Radio in Memphis became the first station to play this song when their disc jockey Dewey Phillips aired it on his Red, Hot and Blue show the day after Elvis recorded it. Phillips was a pioneering DJ who played a mix of black and white music that attracted a large and diverse following. After he started playing this song, it quickly caught on in Memphis and went national, setting the stage for the ascendence of Elvis.
Fun fact: Elvis actually paid to record the song and the price was 3.98 $
There were some controversies related to the song, if it is really THE first rock and roll song recorded. Bill Haley actually released his single Rock around the clock on 20. May 1954, so prior to Elvis.  By mine opinion we can thing of Thats all right THE first ever recorded rock song. It is because the song from Bill Haley is not that groundbreaking and powerful as the debut of the King.
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