05.07. Kursk-Orel

Hello. First i would like to thanks all of you who read my text about 04.07. I am hoping that my writing will get better and you will enjoy the historical events that I will write about on my blog. You do not have to be big history freak as I am, maybe you are just a person who wants to know more or brag just a little by knowing what was happening that day (just a bad joke). Well enough with the intro i got lost a little bit ha ha. In my country is 05. June already  so I am sorry if you got confused with the date

Today I will like to dedicate the entire text to one big event that was maybe the decisive moment in modern human history. It completely changed the ties of world war 2. I am talking about the biggest tank battle in human history. The battle of Kursk-Orel. The battle began on 5. July 1943 and lasted to 23. August 1943.


Battle was last big attempt of Nazi Germany to break and counterattack the Russian Red army. After the First German offensive Russians regroup and strike back. They had two consecutive offensive against overstretched German army and eventually line was broken.

At the beginning of the battle German Wermacht had 912 000 men, 2928 tanks, 9966 guns canons and mortars and 2110 aircraft.

On the other side Russian Red Army had 1 910 000 men, 5128 tanks, 25 013 guns canons and mortars.




The loses were big on the booth sides but Russians lost 177 000 men while German lost 52 000 men. But Russian human power was overwhelming and reserves came in the battle constantly.



After that battle Russian Red army was unstoppable and advance to defeat Nazi Germany on the Eastern front.

This was just short info text about this big event in 20. century, if you want to open a discussion or just give your opinion about the battle or text feel free to comment..

Text about other significant events that happened on 05. July will be on the blog later.

Have a great 05.07.2014


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