04.07-in history

  • 1187-









Salaadin first sultan of Egypt and Syria defeated Guy of Lusignan the king of Jerusalem in the batlle of Hattim.Well most of us know about this event because of the movie Kingdom of Heaven with Orlando Bloom but beside that this was pretty significant event. It was a big blow to crusaders and their effort to maintain the kingdom and they newer managed to recover fully



The amended Declaration of Independence, prepared by Thomas Jefferson, is approved and signed by John Hancock–President of the Continental Congress–and Charles Thomson, Congress secretary. The state of New York abstains from signing.

This is significant day in history because it was the day of creation of USA as we know it today, that did not happened immediately of course it was a long struggle but eventually USA became the ultimate power in the world.




1826- Two of America’s founding fathers–Thomas Jefferson and John Adams die.Interesting fact that they booth died the same day. They were signers of Declaration of Independence


1910- Race riots break out all over the United States after African American Jack Johnson knocks out Jim Jeffries in a heavyweight boxing match. –1914- The funeral of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie takes place in Vienna, six days after their assassinations in Sarajevo.

This assassinations were the reason for the outbreak of First World War. The biggest war until than in the entire human history. At his end there were over 38 million casualties.


So this were some significant and history changing events that happened on this day. I am sorry for bad visual appearance and maybe small number of events but this is my first experience with blog and I can only get better than this.
Have a great 04.07.2014



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