New direction

Hello guys. It has been a long time since my last post. Well the problem is that I have been working hard and my status is- always tired. Well I suppose this is what adult life looks like. Once again I am sorry my dear readers.

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God of Rap

Hello my dear readers. This post will be tribute to one of my favorite singers and artists in general. I am writing about Tupac Amaru Shakur. You are probably wondering how come that one boring history freak likes Tupac but it is true. Beside reading tons of books and learning a lot of “boring ” informations I am regular guy who likes music :). My favorite genres are rock, old heavy metal and hip hop-rap, weird combination I know heh.

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Hello my dear readers. It has been about a month since my last post. I am very sorry about that because when I started this blog my intention was to post on daily basis. As always in life things get a little bit different that I had in mind but in good way. I found a job, against all odds but that took a lot of my energy away. Now I got the routine and I am able to get back to my blog and you my readers. I want to apologize once more but from tomorrow my blog will be running in full speed again. Thank you for all the support. Hope that you will enjoy reading my new stuff.

Till tomorrow Have a great time


Triple text

Hello to all. I am sorry for this past couple of days. I just got new job and it was difficult for me to concentrate on my blog. So be patient and soon I will be back to my regular two posts per day system. Today I will do quick history for last three days including today. I hope you are still here and will understand my situation :).

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Hello my dear readers. Today I will post only small informative text because last two days were crazy and in past 36 hours I slept only half on hour so I am not ready to write good long text. Hope you understand and I will make it up for this tomorrow. P.S. this is not party related but work unfortunately :).

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